Green energy saving tips:

Shutting off a standing pilot light in seasons that you are not using your fireplace can save you upwards of $13.00 per month.

A some of the by-products from the chemical reaction of (the combustion of natural gas) are calcium, phosphate, and sodium. When the the fireplace is on these byproducts have less chance to settle on the interior of the fireplace and exit the firebox with the rest fo the flue gases. When the only thing burning in the firebox of a directvent firebox is the pilot light the pilot light many times does not have enough heat to push the calcium, phosphate, and sodium out of the firebox, up the chimney and into the atmosphere so it settles on the interior of the firebox, logs walls and glass.

Cleaning your glass once a year should prevent it from staining. Always use a recommended gas glass cleaner. The cost is between $10 & $20 and will last years.Replacement cost on stained glass minuim $300 plus labour gaskets etc.

Clean your fireplace glass in the spring. This will allow this piece of equity to stand out even if your not using it. If you would like Us to clean your glass call 204-777-FIRE (3473)We can walk you through shutting off your pilot light. At the same time we will book an appointment for early fall to clean, test the safeties, relight your pilot and fire your fireplace so it's ready to FIRE all fall, winter and spring for you. All calls include free glowing embers and paint touch up (thermolux high temp) if applicable.

An electronic ignition will cost roughly $200 more than a fireplace with a standing pilot light. If you consider the cost of a standing pilot light is roughly $13.00 per month...... YourReturn On Investment would be approximately 15 months.